There are three game types you can choose to play:

The goal of the game is to set a tent next to each tree by clicking the cards on the playing grid. There are four simple rules that you must follow to solve the puzzle.

A short tap on a playing card changes it's state: empty <-> grass, grass <-> tent, tent <-> grass
A long tap on a playing card changes it's state back to "empty".


Ingame Help

Ingame Help

WHY is this card red?
Depending on the difficulty, the game helps you to solve the puzzles. If a row or column indicator is marked red, you know, that there is not the right amount of tents in the respective row/column. If a tree is marked red, there is no tent next to it. If a tent is marked red, there is either another tent next to it or it has no corresponding tree. If you don't like that feature, you can deactivate it in the options

COINS & POINTS - crack the highscore!
You may have noticed the coins in the upper right corner. With coins you can buy tips and time. When you use a tip the playing card of your choice unveils it's correct state for 100 coins. When you are running out of time you can buy 15 additional seconds of time for 150 coins. If you don't have any coins left you can buy some coins in the shop or keep playing. For every 50 points you will get 50 coins!

SHOP - what can i buy?
In the shop you can remove the ingame ad-support and buy three types of coin packages which will help you while playing hte game. The bigger the package, the better is the price/coin ratio.
Please notice, that when you uninstall the game or delete the game- or user data on your phone your bought items can't be restored. You will start with the standard amount of 300 coins and enabled ad support.

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